15+ Industry-Leading Speakers | 2 Transformative Days | 1 Life-Changing Experience

Discover the Art for Unlocking a Life Overflowing with
Wealth, Fulfillment, & Abundance this Year

What if you had access to world-class experts for 2 days, with the latest
material to multiply your income, break free from mediocrity, and
advance your career AND business—would you show up?


MARCH 12-13, 2024, 1-3PM ET

Who is this virtual summit for?

The i-LEAD SUCCESS® Virtual Summit is for any woman and their supportive allies who are committed to achieving maximum potential in every key area of their lives—health, wealth, relationships, business, career, and mindset—by getting in close proximity with some of the most influential female power icons in the world.

The expert “Mini Masterclasses,” panel discussions, Q&As, networking sessions, and other interactive elements in this 2-day summit for women in leadership will add life-changing value to a wide group of people, including…

Entrepreneurs & Business Leaders
Women’s Empowerment Advocates
Authors & Influencers
Students stepping into the professional world
Activists & Community Makers
Teachers & Educators
Mothers & Caregivers
And really... anyone into personal growth!
Activists & Community Makers
Teachers & Educators
Mothers & Caregivers
And really... anyone into personal growth!

By the end of the i-LEAD SUCCESS® Virtual Summit, You Will:

  • Discover the mindset shift you need to become a confident and empowered woman who’s capable of achieving every goal you have (others will notice a different version of you a year from now)
  • Feel inspired by the collective influence of speakers and industry leaders who are all deeply committed to women's success in life, career, and business
  • Develop a holistic understanding of health that transforms you into a more energized, well-rested woman who more easily excels in personal and professional growth
  • Gain simple yet advanced insights that any woman (at any stage) can use to grow a wildly profitable business and achieve financial success
  • Feel empowered to realize your own unique fulfillment and happiness
  • Discover strategies to position yourself for more success, pleasant surprises, and abundance of fortune as the year unfolds
  • Gain a renewed sense of purpose and direction to help guide you toward your biggest dream and fullest potential

Be the Woman with Everything Going for Her

The i-LEAD SUCCESS® Virtual Summit is a premier 2024 women's leadership conference designed to empower women to advance their careers, businesses, and personal well-being, using a proven playbook tailored for women and their supportive allies.

By focusing on women's distinct challenges and experiences, we aim to rewrite the societal narratives that hold them back from accessing the economic and social power they rightfully deserve.

Meet the Star-Studded Speaker Lineup

Hosted by SUCCESS magazine

Your trusted guide to personal and professional development for 127 years and counting.

Jen Gottlieb

Co-founder of Super Connector Media, Gottlieb teaches business owners how to become “The Recognized Expert” in their field. She’s been recognized as one of the “Top 50 Speakers in The World” by Real Leaders magazine.

Lori Harder

As a serial entrepreneur, top podcast host, and bestselling author, Harder teaches women to find their purpose and take the big leap into their entrepreneurial dreams. She’s also a leading expert in the field of fitness, transformational work, mindfulness, and self-love.

Jasmine Star

Star is a world-class speaker, host of a podcast with more than 7 million downloads, and a business strategist many influencers like Amy Porterfield and Lewis Howes believe is one of the most indispensable personalities in the self-help world.

Cassandra Worthy

Worthy is CEO of Change Enthusiasm Global, a consulting firm with clients including several Fortune 500 companies like Procter & Gamble, Allstate, Jones Lang LaSalle, and more.

Sophia Amoruso

Founder and investor of Trust Fund Venture Capital, Amoruso helps entrepreneurs build their dream businesses. She was also named by Forbes as "the richest self-made women in the world" and is the New York Times bestselling author of #GIRLBOSS (later adapted into a Netflix series).

Heather Monahan

Founder of Boss in Heels LLC and named one of the “Most Influential Women in Radio,” Monahan hosts a podcast (with more than 1 million downloads) featuring guests like Gary Vaynerchuk, Sara Blakely, and more.

Alli Webb

Webb, founder of Drybar, is the New York Times bestselling author of The Messy Truth. She was named one of Marie Claire's "Most Fascinating Women" and recognized by Inc. magazine as one of "The 100 Women Building America's Most Innovative and Ambitious Businesses."

Lauryn Bosstick

Creator of The Skinny Confidential, a blog, book, and popular YouTube channel, Bosstick helps women live their best lives by sharing wellness, beauty, business, and personal growth tips. She is also co-founder of the multi-million dollar media company, Dear Media.

Here’s What You’ll Experience
During This 2-Day Virtual Summit:



1 pm ET

Welcome Remarks

by SUCCESS CEO Amy Somerville

1:05 pm ET

LIVE Opening Keynote

with Rachel Rodgers
Learning Million Dollar Habits

1:30 pm ET

Morning Mentor Moments + LIVE Q&A Session

Join thought leaders and industry experts Brittany Driscoll, Elizabeth Chambers, Valentina Ferrer, and Amina AlTai for revelations on business, mindset, and key strategies for success and fulfillment.

1:50 pm ET

“Power Pair” Fireside Chat + LIVE Q&A Session

with Jen Gottlieb
Learn the Super Connector Method to skyrocket your brand and become a recognized expert in your industry (this is key for building a profitable business)

2:10 pm ET

Mini Masterclass + LIVE Q&A Session

with Heather Monahan
How to Tap Into Your Inner Confidence & Become The Woman You Have the Potential to Be!

2:25 pm ET

Mini Masterclass

with Cassandra Worthy
How to self-assess your emotions around change in life and redirect anxiety & fears into moments of opportunity

2:45 pm ET

Speed Networking Session with Speakers, Industry Leaders, and Celebrities Committed to Women’s Success

3 pm ET

[VIP Only Backstage Access] LIVE Masterclass + Interactive Q&A Session

with Lori Harder
The Go-For-It Formula: Discover the 4-step approach to supercharge your success, play bigger, fail BETTER, and live to your fullest potential this year!



1 pm ET

Health & Well-Being Session (Guided Meditation / Breathing Exercise / Focusing Activity)

with Zee Clarke
Guided Meditation / Breathing Exercise / Focusing Activity

1:15 pm ET

LIVE at i-LEAD SUCCESS® Summit: The SUCCESS Magazine Podcast

with Lauryn Bosstick
Empowering Women in Entrepreneurship: Resilience, Personal Branding, and the Pursuit of Purpose

1:45 pm ET

“Power Pair” Fireside Chat

with Alli Webb
How a stay-at-home mom who had no real “business experience” made $255 million in 10 years

2 pm ET

Mini Masterclass

with Jasmine Star
Discover the growth strategy top business leaders are using to multiply their revenue in 2024

2:20 pm ET

“Power Pair” Fireside Chat + LIVE Q&A Session

with Sophia Amoruso
Building Million-Dollar Brands, Raising Funds, and Portfolio Construction

2:40 pm ET

LIVE Closing Keynote

with Brooke Baldwin
Unlocking Our Collective Power So You Can More Easily Win As an Individual!

3 pm ET

[VIP Only Backstage Access] LIVE Masterclass + Interactive Q&A Session

with Natalie Dawson
Wealthy by Design: Crafting Your Financial Destiny